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PW100 and PW150A Borescope Inspection

Whether you currently own or are looking to buy a Pratt & Whitney PW100, inspecting the engine is crucial to ensure a documented asset. 

Why should you hire Borescope4U inspectors?

  • Our technicians are experienced.
  • Provide unbiased, professional service and advice
  • Ability to view concealed areas prone to wear and damage, including:
    • Combustion chambers
    • Compressor sections
    • Turbine blades
    • Shrouds
    • Stators
    • Gears
  • Thorough understanding for optimal timing of future maintenance
  • Provide consistency in image angles, as well as asset identification
  • Follow protocol procedures to check all areas of concern
  • Assessment of critical engine components, without downtime or cost of taking the engine apart or shipping to a facility
  • We come to you and provide inspection at your maintenance facility

 Whether you have a scheduled borescope procedure or a special troubleshooting development, let our experience support your goals in maintaining your engine!

Operators Pre-Buy or Lease inspection

When buying or leasing an engine, an inspection should be done to understand its true condition.

With our borescope inspection service, you receive a quick response, providing a quality, unbiased inspection to assess the condition of the engine. This inspection will help avoid any major surprises for maintenance down the road, giving you peace of mind and protection of your investment. 

Borescope4U is here to help operators ensure that your Pratt & Whitney PW100 engine, whether buying, leasing, or maintaining your current one, continues to run at its optimal level. 

Contact us today to learn how your PW100 can benefit from a borescope inspection.