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Borescope Experience is Everything

Borescope4U was founded on providing superior customer service, expert knowledge, and honest advice. It is these values that Borescope4U offers you now in our sixth year, whether working on an aircraft's engine, or a Wind Turbine's internal components. 

Founded by Peter MacLellan, Borescope4U is a reliable voice for your asset after having over 29 years in aviation including inspection experience. Know that your machine will receive a detailed eye with a rule-based understanding. We promote tool-control and navigation, along with expert advice on the fact-based status of your product. Our transferable skill from aviation assets will enhance the wind energy sector comfortably. 

Benefits of Borescope4U

  • Service is our number one priority
  • Have an accurate understanding of internal components
  • Are specialists in PW100 engines.
  • Fall arrest trained : Team-1 Academy, HSE Integrated and REL
  • Knowledge of gears, bearings and gearbox access.
  • Independent and unbiased agenda to find your issues.
  • Overhaul engine trained; knowledgable to the interaction of components and wear patterns
  • Overhaul detail inspection and hot Section Inspection (HSI) experience
  • Ability for one-time inspections or periodic service contracts in canada or as a guest anywhere supervised under your operation.
Using borescope technology, we provide you a solution that is right for your needs. It's about developing a partnership as we become a trusted advisor to your maintenance team. Because of this, we look to empower you with knowledge of engines / gearboxes and how they wear down.
Let Borescope4U be the expert eyes of your engine / turbine. Contact us today for an initial conversation.