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Hire us for Wind Turbine Inspection using our Borescope

Set Your Wind Turbine Up for Optimal Performance

Being proactive with your wind turbine means ensuring that it is functioning at its best. With Borescope4U, you benefit from taking this proactive approach to monitor internal damage progression and wear, ensuring your wind turbine lasts longer. 

The Borescope4U Advantage

Using cutting edge borescope technology, we visually expose your wind turbine's condition, revealing any wear / failure areas, avoiding potential hazards and problems. With extensive background in borescope technology & advancements, Borescope4U's specialist practices a detailed understanding of proper navigation techniques, ensuring you have the clearest images of your wind turbine's internal components, without the added cost of disassembling the turbine to locate an issue. 

With borescope technology, you can get your critical components analyzed without costly turbine maintenance or lengthy downtime. 

Wind Turbine Borescope4U Benefits 

  • Experienced borescope specialist
  • Better predict optimal timing for future maintenance
  • Clear images with high resolution and detail
  • Proper indication of asset serial numbers
  • Less downtime as issue part is quickly identified

Is risking extra cost and downtime of your wind turbine worth it? Contact us to set up an initial consultation for inspection of your wind turbine today!